Jurisdictional guides

These pages provide information about the jurisdictions currently supported by AEOI Hub. The information on these pages is focused on the practical aspects of how Financial Institutions are required to register and report information for FATCA and the Common Reporting Standard in these jurisdictions. The key areas we cover are;

Registration details

Details of how to register for the relevant portal or other means of submission in the jurisdiction, including a link to the relevant web page for registration and/or reporting.

Sources of law and guidance

Links to the most recent and relevant FATCA and CRS legislation and guidance published by the tax authority or other relevant body.

Reporting deadlines

Details of the reporting deadlines for FATCA and CRS, updated where changes are announced.

CRS Reportable jurisdictions

Links to the most recent published lists of participating and reportable jurisdictions.

Important information

Information which is important to note when reporting in the jurisdiction. This may include details of the reporting schemas used, any special validation rules applied or mandatory data required and any useful tips and recommendations for successful filing.

Recent updates

Where jurisdictions update their published guidance, laws or regulations, we will aim to notify this on the relevant jurisdiction page and also via updates on our LinkedIn and Twitter.

Supported jurisdictions

Listed on these pages are the jurisdictions which we currently support and for which submission files can be created using the AEOI Hub reporting templates. Please note that we are constantly researching the registration and reporting requirements for many countries around the world and this list will continue to grow over time. If there are particular jurisdictions which you would like to be added to AEOI Hub, please get in touch with us to discuss our development roadmap and how we can help you.